Selecting the right foundation for your kit


Before you purchase foundations for your kit think about the clients you will be working on what will their skin tones be? e.g. Light, Medium or Dark shades?

If you know then the next step will be selecting the coverage e.g. light coverage, medium coverage, full coverage or sheer.

I did a survey with all friends/family andย clients from different areasย asking them about the products, foundation types they prefer which made me decide what I will be working on.

When I first started my kit I used cheap brand foundations but they were very great quality Revlon and L’Oreal I used them to practice with and learn more about the colours. I selected from the lightest, medium to darkest so I can mix them. There is no need to purchase all the colour waste of money and space. I like mixing foundations to get the right colour for the client.

During my AOFM course I had purchased some high brand foundations and explore their shades, each brand has different colours and colour codes so its great to try out different brands.

Iย still have the Revlon and L’Oreal foundations in my kit for clients who want medium/light coverage makeup.

I also have the Bobbi Brown BB Palette which has so many colours for every skin tone which I am currently testing on. So far it has been amazing.