My MAC Lipsticks <3



Here you can see my MAC collection I currently have which are:

  • All Fired Up
  • Russian Red
  • Ruby Woo
  • Flat Out Fabulous
  • Mehr
  • Diva
  • Rebel
  • Pink Plaid
  • Pink Nouveau
  • Please Me
  • and many more………..

My Favourite MAC lipstick is ‘Mehr’


Gorgeous colour to wear during the day or even a night out, ever lasting and great matte finish. This is my holy grail!!


Concealers & Correctors – Review


MAC Concealer palettes are amazing reason why because you don’t need to purchase all different shade of concealer pots when you can get a palette that has 6 different shades for like £35! I think this saves a lot of money and space in your kit. They are great quality and can work with all skin tones so invest on these!

NYX Corrector palette is like awesome because it covers all marks, spots, grey under eyes and redness. Best to apply before foundation and lightly use a blending sponge or fingers to cover the area you want. Invest on these they are very cheap and will be great in your kit!


Selecting the right foundation for your kit


Before you purchase foundations for your kit think about the clients you will be working on what will their skin tones be? e.g. Light, Medium or Dark shades?

If you know then the next step will be selecting the coverage e.g. light coverage, medium coverage, full coverage or sheer.

I did a survey with all friends/family and clients from different areas asking them about the products, foundation types they prefer which made me decide what I will be working on.

When I first started my kit I used cheap brand foundations but they were very great quality Revlon and L’Oreal I used them to practice with and learn more about the colours. I selected from the lightest, medium to darkest so I can mix them. There is no need to purchase all the colour waste of money and space. I like mixing foundations to get the right colour for the client.

During my AOFM course I had purchased some high brand foundations and explore their shades, each brand has different colours and colour codes so its great to try out different brands.

I still have the Revlon and L’Oreal foundations in my kit for clients who want medium/light coverage makeup.

I also have the Bobbi Brown BB Palette which has so many colours for every skin tone which I am currently testing on. So far it has been amazing.





Best Face Primers!


PAW PAW Papaya – Moisturising Balm – Perfect for priming your lips before applying makeup it makes your lips soft.

Maybelline – New Baby Skin Primer – Great for clients who have redness and keeps the skin soft.

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer – Great primer for all skin types.

MAC Strobe Cream – Great for normal skin not suitable for combined or oil skin.



Cleaning your brushes and makeup products.


Cleaning your brushes and products regularly is very important due to bacteria or infections being spread from clients to other clients. It is important to be hygienic and keep your brushes and products clean at all times.

My Routine to cleaning brushes:

If I have multiple clients in one day I always tend to have 1 extra brush of each in my kit just in case.

If I haven’t got much time I clean the brushes before I see another client using the MAC cleaner, every 2 days I wash them with shampoo and conditioner like how you do with normal hair.

Cleaning with the MAC brush cleaner is simple all you need to do is apply a small amount on a tissue and dab the brush until all access has been removed, by looking at the brush colour once its all removed you leave it at the end of a table making sure the brush is hanging down for it to dry easier. if you put the brushes on a stand all the water goes inside the brush which then damages the glue inside and the brush will fall apart. *DO NOT LEAVE THE BRUSH ON A STAND* leave it flat at the end of a table.

I wash my brushes with shampoo and condition every 2 days and making sure all dirt has been removed and same applies when washing brushes to leave them flat at edge of the table to help them dry and avoid the water damaging the glue. It will run your brushes which is not good.

Cleaning makeup products.

Every 3-4 days I clean my lipsticks/eye shadows with 90% bacterial liquid which you can get from any store. I spray this on the product and remove any access dirt or dust.

I managed to purchase a big bottle from Salon Services and put in a small spray bottle to I can carry with my kit it comes in handy.

Make sure when you use lip pencils and eye liner pencils to sharpen them regularly used items do not look appealing to some clients so I like to keep them looking fresh.



My Freelance Makeup Kit

My Travel Case:


I have ordered this from MAC store for £100 but now my kit is growing i will be needing more space.

Foundations (Revlon Colourstay/ L’Oreal True Match Foundation/Mac Studio Fix)

Concealers/Corrector – Mac Concealer & NYX Colour Correcting Concealer

Lipsticks/Lip Liners/Lip Gloss – Various MAC, NYX, Bobbi Brown, Rimmel.


Powders/Blushers/Highlighters -NARs Laguna, The Balm, Benefit Hoola, Benefit Brow Palette

Glitter/Eye Shadow Pots/Eye Liners – Various Glitter Urban Decay/ MAC/Barry M & Collection 2000


Brow Palettes/Brow Pencils – Benefit Brow Palette, Maybelline Brow Pencil & Benefit New Brow Gel/Pencil & Clear Gel.


Mascara – L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes and Rimmel Scandaleyes



Palettes – All Urban Decay (Naked3/Vice/Electric/The Vice/Vice 4


Skincare – Simple are amazing for all skin types – Cleanser/Toner/Moisturiser & Eye Makeup Remover

PAW PAW Papaya Moisturising Balm for Lips, Maybelline New Baby Skin Primer, Rimmel Fix & Perfect & MAC Strobe Cream

Accessories – Disposable Lash Wands, Thin Cotton Buds, Cotton Wool, Wipes (Ran out of it so not in picture), Sponges, Sharpener, Thermal Spring Water (to refresh your face before makeup)

And the list goes on….(May have missed a few but i am all new to this)



My Favourite Freelance Brushes

Having the brushes as a makeup artist is very important…

Below are the brushes I had received when attending the AOFM course in June 2016.

Face brushes**

  1. Two foundation brushes (round and straight)
  2. Large concealer brush 
  3. Three small concealer brushes (straight, round, pointed)
  4. Blusher brush
  5. Angled blusher brush
  6. Large powder brush
  7. Large and small fan brushes

**Eye brushes**

  1. Fluffy blending/crease brush
  2. Fluffy eye shadow brush
  3. Four eye shadow brushes from small to large size
  4. Smudge brush
  5. Flat blending brush
  6. Slanted blending brush
  7. Liner brush
  8. Angled brush
  9. Brow and lash comb
  10. Lip Brush


I had added some brushes from Real technique and Zoeva because their brushes are amazing and inexpensive compared to MAC.

I don’t really have a favourite brush as all of them are great!

I would suggest you to purchase all the above brushes for your kit.



MAC Pigments – Review


Colours are ‘Old Gold & Copper’

I like the pigments by MAC the colours are amazing but only downside is that they fall a lot, once you open the lid all tends to fall out which goes everywhere…

BUT you can take some out of the container and add to a smaller container it will be easy to store and less hassle for it to go everywhere.