Depotting Lipsticks

I got the MAC duo pro palette to depot them and x 2 lip case to go inside to hold my lip sticks.

I used some of my mac lipsticks still need more colours.

Use a spatula and slate to cut and mix the colour and add to the palette.

I tried to avoid heat as it can ruin the colour and texture of the lipstick.

Depotting Eyeshadows/Blushers

I had about 5 palettes taking up space in kit and thought why not depot them and have some space for new makeup hehe!

The items i used to depot them were.

4 Empty palettes (you can decide depending on how much eyeshadow u have)

Adesive Magnet I got a sheet so it can be easy to cut in size wise.

Spatula to just take out the shadow base.

Tweezers to pick the edge of the eye shadow out

Straigtheners to melt the glue under each eye shadow so I can take it out.