My Urban Decay Job Interview


About 2 weeks ago I had applied for a Beauty Consultant role (Part Time) in Urban Decay to work with makeup and gain new skills, I was so keen in doing this alongside my full time job as this is something I enjoy.

I had received an email to attend the interview at the Urban Decay counter in Debenhams.

The dress code was to look stylish in black and not wearing trainers, uggs, flip flops or sportswear.

I wore a black top and skirt with boots having my hair down and makeup was winged liner with red lipstick.

Once I arrived at the counter I was there with another assistant who was doing someone’s makeup for a night out which was really fun to watch.

The interview started at the café due to no customers being there at the store she mentioned we will have a normal talk over my CV and experience which we did and she was impressed but when it came to mentioning my hours and that I work full time and really wanting to be part of Urban Decay she did not seem keen due to not being flexible but that had let me down which is why the role got rejected 😦

Is there any options to gain experience in Makeup even having the qualificationsΒ I want to build confidence?

Anyone help?




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