Travel to Marrakesh, Morroco <3

In May 2016 I visit an amazing city called Marrakesh for 5 nights  and glad I went ❀

Very cultural and colourful place to be hehehe!

I loved each and every of the holiday – I had everything planned by the Riad owner – His name was Omar and his Raid was called Raid Da Saada it was like 10 minutes walk from the big square so everything was so close we had no issues!

This is the view from the top of the Riad where I stayed such amazing views right!!?? ❀


Day 1Β – The day we arrive we went around the area to get familiar with the place which was so relaxing, perfect weather and just great atmosphere. The square is called “Djemaa El Fna”


Day 2Β – We visited the Sahara desert where Gladiators the movie was filmed was so amazing ❀ , I held a snake as well which was so freaky at first but It wasn’t too bad ha!


On our way back from the Sahara desert we visited a store where they were making Argan Oil and selling products for hair/skin that have Argan Oil in it. I found this experience very nice and also tried it.


Day 3 – We visited the ‘Ouzoud Waterfall’ – Took us about 3 hours to get from Marrakesh to the Waterfall but we had to walk up high mountains to get where we wanted think that took about over an hour for us to climb the big rocks to get to the waterfall which was so worth it ❀ (Bring your trainers with you not easy to climb with flip flops which I managed to do successfully) HAHA


On our way back from the waterfall we saw something really amazing – goats hanging off a tree :O


Day 4 – We stayed local whilst the rest of my travel buddies went quad biking I visited the famous “Koutoubia Mosque”Β in the square which was amazing ❀


Day 5 – We visited the Essaouria Beach which was 2 hours drive from Marrakech I loved it ❀ The fresh fish we had there was amazing! The beach itself was awesome I went camel riding and quad biking around the beach was so lush!



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