Top tips for looking after your skin <3


Make a face mask at home using natural products there is not need buying masks from stores you just don’t know what is in it! (I makeΒ a special mask which I can store in the fridge for a week and use it again). Ingredients: Gram Flour, Tumeric Powder, Yogurt and a little bit of Honey mix all together well and apply to your face make sure there is no trace of makeup or anything on your face before applying this mask. Once it is all dry you need to wash your face with luke warm water. Do this 1-2 times a week if possible. You will see such a difference to your face. ❀

When I recently visit Marrakesh in Morocco I was in love with the Rose Water and & Argan Oil they produce; I had been told by the beauticians there that they only use these 2 products for skin and hair which helps them, so I decided I should purchase them and try it out and to be honest I was scared at first but now I cannot live without it ❀ I apply Argan Oil if I am at home being lazy on my face and hair once a week really keeps my skin soft and smooth. I apply Rose water on my face every night and morning that is with no makeup on hydrates my face and clears spots ❀ I suggest you guy try this it really helps your skin. You can purchase those products from Asian stores or maybe even Boots/Superdrugs.

I make a face scrub at home using sea salt and honey to exfoliate my skin once week really helps clearing pores and blackheads so must try this and let me know how it is ❀



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