Creating The Amazing Curls <3


When I curl my hair I use my straighteners or curling wand, to get big waves I tend you prefer straighteners and for tight curlers the wand is the best ❀

I want to invest into the heated curling rollers they meant to be very good for all curls, has anyone used it before? Can you let me know if any good or worth buying?

Step-by-Step on how to create curls ❀

  1. Make sure your hair has had heat protection I use the Tresemme heat defence spray before I use any heat in my hair.
  2. Wear gloves if you need to when curling your hair so your hand doesn’t burn.
  3. Once I curled all my hair I tend to clip it up as a curl until its cooled down once its done I will take all clips out.
  4. I then use my hands to loosen them curls a little and once its set I will apply hair spray to set the hair or else the curls will not last long 😦
  5. Now take a selfie and show me πŸ˜‰



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