What to include in your kit?

Hi all,

So this is the most exciting yet fun bit …

but No it does not mean you should blow your money on top brand products straight away! – Build up your kit slowly and have range of different brands not just 1.

Following Items you should have in your kit!

Skincare – Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser

Brushes – Flat Eyeshadow Brush, Blending Brush, Blusher Brush, Powder Brush, Eyebrow Angled Brush, Eye liner Angled Brush, Lip Brush, Eyebrow Comb, Foundation Blush, Concealer Blush.

Primers – One For Oily Skin, One For Combination

Other Items – Tweezers, Water Spray Bottle, Scissors, Sanitiser, Wipes, Ear Buds, Blending Sponge, Alcohol use to clean Make-up products (eye shadow palettes and lip sticks, Lip Balm, Tissues, Gum, Clear Lip gloss, Eye Make-up Remover, Lashes (Various types), Lash Glue, Brush Cleaner and Towel.

Blushers – Have mixture of Cream/Powder based blushers (Pinks, Corals, Shimmer) – mostly used.

Bronzer – Any colour ranging by 4 different types

Concealers – Have 4 different shades darkest to lightest.

Foundations – Liquid or Cream foundations are very much popular they suit all skin types – Get 4-5 dark to light colours so you can mix and get the colour you need.

Setting Powders – Great to set the make-up

Eye Pencil – Black & Brown

Liquid Eye liners – Black & Brown

Eye shadows – Neutral Palette at least 10 shadows ranging from cream white to black/brown and Bright Colours.

Mascara – Black & Brown (Waterproof)

Lipsticks – Nude, Soft Pink, Coral, Plum, Red, Bright Pink.

Lip liners – Nude, Pink, Red, Plum

Make Up case is a must to store all your products in!!

(If I have missed anything my apologise, I am new to this so will be learning more when time comes…)


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