My Favourite Freelance Brushes

Having the brushes as a makeup artist is very important…

Below are the brushes I had received when attending the AOFM course in June 2016.

Face brushes**

  1. Two foundation brushes (round and straight)
  2. Large concealer brush 
  3. Three small concealer brushes (straight, round, pointed)
  4. Blusher brush
  5. Angled blusher brush
  6. Large powder brush
  7. Large and small fan brushes

**Eye brushes**

  1. Fluffy blending/crease brush
  2. Fluffy eye shadow brush
  3. Four eye shadow brushes from small to large size
  4. Smudge brush
  5. Flat blending brush
  6. Slanted blending brush
  7. Liner brush
  8. Angled brush
  9. Brow and lash comb
  10. Lip Brush


I had added some brushes from Real technique and Zoeva because their brushes are amazing and inexpensive compared to MAC.

I don’t really have a favourite brush as all of them are great!

I would suggest you to purchase all the above brushes for your kit.



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