How I started to build my kit?

I first started collecting palettes from Urban Decay to add to my personal collection, MAC lipsticks were my favourite I had all the most popular shades you can imagine…!

But when I started creating my kit I didn’t spend money on high brands e.g. I selected the most common inexpensive foundations from Revlon and L’Oreal which worked perfect for myself and clients when practicing.

I purchased foundations, liquid concealers from Boots/Superdrug’s store. Primers were a must especially for oily or normal skin I managed to pick up two different types ofΒ primers to add to my kit which was veryΒ important as I will be using them on my clients.

Skincare products I use is Simple as they suit all skin types and not expensive at all.

I had plenty of eye shadow palettes from Urban Decay already so there was no need to purchase anymore.

Purchased lip liners, Mascara’s and Liquid eye liners from Rimmel asΒ they were not too high priced and work very well on everyone.

As I started to progress and knew how to work with foundations and skin types I decided to buy a few high brands to work with.

During my AOFM course we had a personal shopping day where all students went to makeup stores in Covent Garden, London and buy discounted makeup, I then decided to buy what I need but not spend on items that are not needed in my kit.

As you progress you can start introducing high brands to your kit but still have the not so expensive makeup as they become useful.


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